This Homeless Man Had A Makeover And It Changed His Life

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Jose Antonio spent his life in the streets of Spain for the last 25 years. He would help locals park their cars, earning a very small income, and they know him well there. Recently, a local salon offered him a complimentary makeover.

They covered the mirror, so he couldn’t see the transformation unfolding, as they cut and dyed his hair and beard. When they were finished and he saw his face in the mirror for the first time, he was so surprised at his transformation that tears of joy started streaming down his face as he cried “My God… Is this me?” Here’s a better look at his transformation.

Meet Jose Antonio of Palma, Spain.

This 55-year-old man spent the last 25 years living in the streets.

Salva Garcia, owner of a hair salon called La Salvajeria, gave him a free makeover.

The mirrors were covered throughout the makeover.

They cut his hair and colored it.

They also dyed and trimmed his beard, and his eyebrows were died to match.

Locals gave him a new shirt and pants.

When the makeover was done and he finally got to see himself in the mirror, Jose was shocked at what he saw.

His transformation was incredible.

The people he’d known for years barely recognized him.

Jose is also receiving financial help from a local company, and is no longer living in the streets.

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Those who did recognize Jose after the makeover paid him many compliments. Jose says it wasn’t just his appearance that changed – it changed his life too.