When No One Showed Up To His Class This Professor When On A Hilarious Twitter Rant

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Teachers are often known for their patience with students and dedication towards their noble work. But what happens when a teacher comes to school only to discover that all of his or her students are absent? This is what happened recently to Professor Adam Heath Avitable.

Avitable is a professor of a non-traditional course typically only attended by a few students. Though he’s used to the small number of students in his class, he didn’t expect all of them to be absent at once. He became suspicious and started asking himself what could’ve happened. While doing so, he started tweeting the whole experience, and his tweets have taken the internet by storm.

It all started like this.

30 minutes later

5 minutes after that

He died a little inside.

45 minutes into class


Would anyone else have stayed even that long?

Killing time

Would it be crazy?

The threat of tears


Let down

He even emailed his boss.

Disappointed again

He finally gave up.

Then of course two students came in.

End Classwatch2017.


(via BoredPanda)

Avitable’s hilarious and relatable tweets went viral in just a few days. Perhaps he should consider stand-up comedy in his free time.