When A Racist Customer Asked To Be Served By Someone Else, This Barista’s Response Was THE BEST

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Racial discrimination is, unfortunately, still very present in the modern world. People of color are often verbally and even physically assaulted, and have been the target of public humiliation on too many accounts.

Josie Ajak is a black woman from South Sudan who moved to Australia when she was just eight years old. Despite how long she’s been in Australia, Ajak still encounters racist people now and then. She was recently confronted by one at the coffee shop in which she works. Read on to learn more about her story.

Meet Josie Ajak. She was 8 when her family moved to Australia.

Ajak is a manager at a coffee shop in Cairns, Queensland.

One day, a customer came in and asked to be served by a white woman, rather than Ajak.

She told her staff about the discriminatory actions of the guest and told them not to serve her at all. Ajak went on to serve other customers and finally the woman left angrily.

Her workmate, Jade, posted about the incident on Facebook and it caught a lot of attention.

People showed their support for Ajak through phone calls and comments on Facebook. Jade’s Facebook post has received more  than 1,000 comments.

She said she felt humbled by the support and encouragement from others around her.

She is extremely thankful for everyone who reached out to her.

(via BuzzFeed)

Ajak is just one of the many victims of racial discrimination, but thanks to those who show their love and support to people of all backgrounds, she can spread her story and positivity.