She Ran Errands With Her Dad And What She Did Next Is Just Too Cute

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Children have wild imaginations and love to play make-believe. They enjoy pretending to be celebrities, cartoon characters or even professionals. Bella here likes to play school, often pretending that she is the teacher of a class. There’s nothing uncommon about that.

Tony, 7-year-old Bella’s father, recently brought her along with him to run errands. Bella went along armed with a marker, a clipboard, and paper. They went to a few stores together, and what she did next will make you smile and wonder.

7-year-old Bella enjoys playing “teacher.”

Just recently, Tony took Bella with him to run errands.

She asked her dad if she could bring a clipboard, and he said she could.

When they got there, Tony was surprised to see what she was doing.

His kid was making a checklist. She was literally just marking checks on the paper.

Tony doesn’t know what the basis of her checklist is.

She told him the more checks a place gets, the better.

The store personnel didn’t seem to mind.

They didn’t question her. They just looked on in amusement.

Based on the checklist, the hardware section in Sears won.

Walmart received the least amount of checks, so it lost.

Tony posted photos of his daughter with her clipboard to Twitter, and they were retweeted more than 26,000 times.

Some parents shared their own experiences with their kids.

Others had ideas about Bella’s future.

Most found her just plain adorable.

(via BuzzFeed)

Tony concedes that it’s not the world’s most exciting story, after all it’s just a kid making a checklist, but that it’s just funny. He said it’s cool that so many positive comments have been made about the story. File this one under cute things kids do in stores.