ALL The Drugs: Mom Gave Daughter Hilarious Cake After Incorrectly Believing She Was Using

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Nothing could be more shocking than being a drug-free student who took a school-imposed drug test and having it come back positive for multiple drugs. That is, of course, unless you’re the mother of said student. You’re then perhaps even more shocked and disappointed, knowing your daughter is using illicit drugs. It would surely be heartbreaking.

One mom, worried about her daughter’s behavior asked the school to have her daughter take a drug test. The complied and concluded she had several drugs in her system. With the daughter perplexed, the mother was discussing plans to send her to rehab. That’s when they found out the school had misread the test results. In order to make up for it, this mom apologized in the funniest way.

This is 20-year-old Rachel Gelmis.


Rachel Gelmis

She’s a student at the University of Alabama and is studying computer science.

When she was 16, her parents almost admitted her to rehab.


Rachel Gelmis

After a drug test, her school said she had every drug in her system that they’d tested for. Everyone was shocked, especially Gelmis. Turns out, the school misread the results, interpreting each negative result as a positive result. When her mom asked how she could make it up to her, Gelmis asked for a cake.

Her mom apologized by baking her the cake she asked for. It was then hilariously decorated.


Rachel Gelmis

Gelmis shared it on social media and received thousands of likes and shares.

Everyone seemed to appreciate Galmis’ mom’s effort with the cake.

Apparently, the school didn’t issue any apology to her at all.

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Gelmis’ mom knows how to bring the smile back to her daughter’s face. The cake she gave her summed up her apologies and regrets for doubting her daughter. And it’s hilarious. Boom.