This Instagram-Famous Couple Is Being Copied By A Mystery Couple And It’s Absolutely Fascinating

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If you’re not familiar yet with what an internet troll is or what it means when someone is said to be “trolling” then you should go ahead and familiarize yourself with it here on wikipedia. Because make no mistake about it, this is a story about some of the most epic trolling to ever take place. To be clear, trolling is not something BoredWon ordinarily supports, but this is kind of amazing.

There’s a couple who’s names are Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen, and they are traveling photographers who have become famous on Instagram with over 2 million followers between the two of them. They recently discovered that another couple – a mystery couple – is literally recreating everything that Jack and Lauren have posted on Instagram. The copycat couple is traveling to the same locations, wearing the same clothes, using the same poses, and sometimes even using the same captions to the photos. We don’t know yet if the copycats are doing it to intentionally troll Jack and Lauren or for some other reason, but either way, it’s definitely trolling at its finest.

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen are travel photographers.

They love going around the world, documenting their travels via creative photographs, and posting them to Instagram.

They have developed quite a following on Instagram with over 2 million followers combined.

But now they realize having a huge following has its consequences.

They’ve discovered someone has been doing more than “following” online.

Instead, they’re being followed in the more literal sense.

A mystery couple is taking photos of their own in the same locations, recreating Jack and Lauren’s photos.

The poses are even the same in most cases.

The props are arranged the same way, too.

Some of the captions are copied as well.

This copycat couple either has no originality or creativity at all, or they’re executing one of the most incredible (and expensive) examples of trolling since the inception of the internet.

It’s a very interesting situation that we’d like to know more about.

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This is the craziest thing to happen to Jack and Lauren since they began documenting their travels on Instagram. Thus far, no one seems to know who the mystery couple is. We’d love to know to more about this story and the mystery couple though, so if you happen to have any info then please share it with us on Facebook!