You WILL NOT BELIEVE How Much San Francisco’s Smallest House Just Sold For

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Recently, San Francisco’s smallest house sold for a whopping $550,000. The house is only 363 square feet inside, which means the buyer paid an astounding $1,600 per square foot.

Don’t let the photographs below fool you. They were taken by a professional who knows how to shoot real estate in the most optimal way in order to make the house look more spacious on the inside. A living room, kitchen, and bathroom are the only three rooms in this house. The sofa in the living room pulls out into a bed, which is where the prior resident slept. The house does have a quaint outdoor space, but it’s also wedged between several larger buildings, including an apartment building.

This is the smallest house in San Francisco.

It’s located in 14th St., and it just sold for $550,000.

Check out the aerial view to see how small this property is and how narrowly it’s wedged in between the surrounding buildings.

The house itself is only 363 square feet and has just three rooms.

This is the living room. The previous resident slept on a pull-out/sleeper sofa.

Here’s the kitchen.

One thing that can be said for the house is it seems to allow a lot of natural light in.

And this is the bathroom.

(via 22Words)

The outdoor space is bigger than the actual house. Is there any place on earth where you want to live badly enough that you’d pay this kind of money for a place to live?