She Never Wore Sunscreen And Her Story Will Serve As A Lesson To Everybody

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Many people will  spend hours in the sun, possibly hoping to achieve that natural tan or sometimes hit tanning salons for a quick color fix. However, tanning, sunbathing, and spending too much time outdoors without sunscreen can be extremely hazardous to your health.

The health hazards that come without using sunblock are exactly what Mags Murphy, a mother from Ireland, is trying to convey to people all over the world. For years, she ignored the advice of those around to wear sunscreen. At 47, something painful happened that will change her life forever.

Murphy, 47, never wore sunscreen.

Earlier this January, doctors discovered precancerous cells on Murphy’s face. They prescribed her a cream to burn the cells off.

The cream began to sting, which she says felt like putting a lit cigarette on skin.

The pain worsened as she continued her treatment.

Throughout the process, Murphy posted photos of herself to raise awareness.

She rarely listened to the warnings of not wearing sunscreen.

Aside from sunbathing, she used tanning beds quite frequently


On day 17 of her treatment, her pain was so severe that she had trouble opening her mouth.

Murphy isn’t looking for empathy, but she’s hoping people will learn from her mistake.

If the treatment is successful, it should remove the precancerous cells.

It’s a very painful journey towards recovery.

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Murphy has most certainly learned her lesson in the most painful way she could ever imagine. The Irish woman only has a few days left of treatment to help get rid of the precancerous cells on her face.