People Can’t Believe That These Biracial Babies Are Actually TWINS

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Despite popular belief, not all twins look alike. This can be especially true with those whose parents are from different races. Interracial couples have a very slim chance of having twins with entirely different complexions, so when a mom posted the photos of her twin daughters, many couldn’t believe they were twins. These nine-month-old babies look alike, but their complexions are exact opposites.

Kalani and Jarani Dean are biracial twins from Quincy, Illinois.

Their vastly different complexions make it hard to believe that they’re twins.

Their case is very unique–one out of 500 interracial twins are born with different complexions.

Their mom, Whitney, is a Caucasian while their dad, Tomas, is African-American.

Whitney posted photos of the twins online, and they soon went viral.

Many people can’t believe they’re twins!

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Kalani and Jarani Dean’s may not be identical, but these little angels are unique. After all, it’s not everyday that people get to see twins with different complexions!