This Son Photo-Shamed His Mom For Developing A Hilarious Bedtime Routine

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Eleanor Avallone, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has a 20 year old son named Nick. He’s a student and was home for the summer. Now, nick adores his mother, as he’ll tell you himself. However, over the summer, she developed a humorous and well, annoying routine.

When Eleanor was ready to turn-in each night, she’d request that Nick bring her a snack as she’d head off to her bedroom. Nick would prepare whichever snack she requested, and he’d deliver it to her. When he’d arrive at her bedside with the snack, however, she’d already be asleep. This happened night after night until Nick finally decided to mom-shame her by taking photos and posting them to social media. The result is hilarious, and even Eleanor thought so.

Nick, in his own words, “adores [his mother] beyond words”.


Nick Avallone

He’s in college, so they seldom see each other.

When Nick returned home for the summer, Eleanor developed a routine of asking him to prepare her a snack before she’d go to bed. However, almost every time he delivered it to her, she was already asleep.

As a caring son, Nick did this night after night.

Popcorn is Eleanor’s favorite snack to request at night.

When Nick pointed out to his mother that she’s always asleep by the time he delivers her snack, she laughed and indicated that she was aware.

Nick eventually decided to take photos of this happening and post them to social media.

He posted the photos to his Instagram and Tumblr accounts expecting it would make others laugh.

Not only did they laugh, but many found it relatable with kids saying their mom does the same and moms admitting they too are guilty of this.

Nick told his mom about it, and she was cool about the whole thing. He even says she found it funny.


Nick Avallone

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Good for Eleanor for being a good sport about all of this. Nick is back at school now, but it’ll be interesting to see if Eleanor resumes this routine when Nick returns home the next time.