The Story Of How This Little Girl’s Life Was Just Saved WILL Bring Tears To Your Eyes

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For those of us who haven’t experienced it, one can only image how heartbreaking it must be for parents to find out that their child is dying. Dena Carreyn and her husband discovered that agony first hand when they found out last year that their daughter, Lyla, didn’t have long to live.

The four-year-old girl was diagnosed with a rare disease called microscopic polyangiitis which leads to severe kidney failure. Lyla was put on dialysis, but it didn’t help. In order to survive, she needed a new kidney. Neither parent was a compatible donor, so they setup a Facebook page pleading for a kidney from anyone who was compatible. One day, Lyla’s school called up Dena informing her about meeting a new teacher. What she didn’t know was she was about to meet her little girl’s kidney donor.

Due to a rare disease which causes kidney failure, four-year-old Lyla needs a new kidney in order to live.


Facebook / Dena Carreyn

Neither parent is a compatible donor. They’ve been looking for a compatible and willing kidney donor.

Lyla’s preschool teacher, Beth Battista, called Dena and asked her to come to the school to meet a new teacher. However, when Dena visited the school, this happened…

Posted by Dena Carreyn on Thursday, September 15, 2016

Battista was a perfect match, and she was willing to donate a kidney to save Lyla’s life.


Facebook / Dena Carreyn

The operation will take place in February.


Facebook / Dena Carreyn

Thanks to her preschool teacher, Lyla will have a chance to live a long life.

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Beth Battista clearly has a very big heart, and with her willingness to donate a kidney to Lyla, she is now a hero.