This Stray Pup Joined A Race And Won The Heart Of A Runner

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There are stray dogs in just about every corner of the earth. Some have been abandoned by their owners while others were born in the streets or wilderness. They lack love and care from a human parent. Many unfortunately meet their demise in the wild, but a lucky few find a person who takes them in and cares for them.

Pups are known for being very loyal. They like to follow their owners wherever they go. They whimper and bark whenever they’re left at home by their human. This stray pup must have been looking for a human companion because when she found marathon runner, Dion Leonard, she never left his side. She tagged along during the 155-mile race in China’s Gobi desert which lasted six days.

Leonard saw the stray pup on day one during the first stretch of the race.



He thought the 22-mile distance was too much for the pup and that she may wander off anytime.

To his surprise, the pup showed up again on the second day, and she ran the 23-mile distance with him.

Leonard decided to name her, and chose the name Gobi, after the desert they were running in.

On the third day, she tagged along again, this time running 26 miles with Leonard.

However, she wasn’t able to accompany him during the fourth and fifth day of the race due to bad weather. The organizers of the race took her with them to the finish line where she waited eagerly for her new friend.

On day 6, Gobi rejoined Leonard and finished the 155 mile race with him.

Leonard hopes to take Gobi home with him to Scotland which will be a long and expensive process. The UK also requires dogs to be quarantined for four months prior to being cleared to enter. He’s bound and determined to make it happen though and has even set up a CrowdFunder page for financial assistance to help with bringing Gobi into the UK. In the meantime, Gobi is staying in China with a friend of Leonard’s.

(via Distractify)