Thanks To Very Distinctive Markings This Hipster Snake Is The Coolest Serpent EVER

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Have you ever seen a snake with a mustache and wearing sunglasses? We hadn’t either until now. Karlie Gray recently snapped photos of a trend-setting snake that were shared on Texas State Parks’ Twitter account.

This hipster snake is surely breaking the mold–with his cool shades and tiny handlebar mustache, he’s setting himself apart from others. Even better, these photos haven’t been edited–this snake simply blessed with these markings, making him the coolest serpent out there!

This is a Western rat snake, commonly found in central North America.

Look a bit closer, and you’ll notice his intricate–yet amusing–markings.

The snake’s photos got a lot of attention after they were shared on the Twitter page of Texas State Parks.

This little guy was born with these markings. There’s no editing here!

Whoever is behind their Twitter account is clever.

The Twitter-sphere had some fun with it too.

This other little guy is jealous.


(via BoredPanda)

With his tiny mustache and sunglasses, this hipster snake is cooler than any other snake out there.