This Mom Transforms Her Daughter Into Different Characters During Nap Time

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There’s nothing like being a new parent. It entails a huge responsibility and a workload to match, but it comes with plenty of perks, too. This new mom decided there’s nothing like having a baby you can dress up from time to time.

Laura Izumikawa is a photographer as well as mommy to 4-month-old Joey Marie. She can’t get enough of her little daughter especially when she’s sleeping like an angel. Laura often dresses up Joey Marie in costumes that include everything from unforgettable characters like Cinderella to celebrities like Sia.

Joey’s first transformation was that of the singer Sia.

Then her mom started to experiment with other looks.

Here are photos of her with a Pokémon Go theme.


Laura Izumikawa Choi

She also makes a very cute Goku.

She gets dressed as Disney princesses too. Here she is as both versions of Ariel

Laura Izumikawa Choi

Here’s Joey as Cinderella.

Laura also makes Joey look like celebrities.

Here she is as Jon Snow of Game of Thrones.

Joey as Han Solo.

Here, Joey is Furiosa from the popular Mad Max.

The Sound of Music character, Maria

Here she is as Skrillex.

Laura Izumikawa Choi

According to Izumikawa, she hopes to brighten everyone’s day and “make future-Joey laugh.”


“I really hope she sees how incredibly loved she was,” she said.

(via BuzzFeed)

Laura embraced motherhood with creativity. Thanks to her imagination and her sharing the adorable photos of her daughter, moms now have an inspiration the next time they want to take photos of their little ones.


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