He Thought He Was Getting A Guitar. Turns Out It Was A Creative Prank!

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Giving a gag gift to someone who’s not expecting can result in a fair amount of hilarity. Of course, it helps if both you and the recipient have a great sense of humor. Otherwise it could potentially go awry, and who wants that? So a few days ago, a couple of brothers were exchanging gifts, when one of them gave the other a guitar-shaped package.

The brother receiving the package was puzzled, as he confesses that he’s not musically inclined at all. Well, things are not always as they seem, and as he began unwrapping this unusual package, things only became even more confusing. Read on to see how that confusion was cleared up!

This guy thought he was getting a guitar from his brother. It’s only logical, based on this photo of the gift, right?

He isn’t musically inclined though, so it didn’t make sense.

Turns out it wasn’t a guitar.

It looked like a much awaited video game.

But it was a joke because the game won’t be released until 2017.

By now, the guy’s very curious as to what his brother is up to.

Inside was a gift card and a note.

The gift card is for enough money to buy the video game when it’s actually released.

(via BoredPanda)

What creativity! Perhaps this guy should go into business helping others create clever gag gifts for their loved ones.