20 Genius Ways To Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree

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If you’re one of those people who likes to leave the tree up for a while, even after Christmas is over, and also, you have a cat or cats…then this one is for you! And we know how well those two things go together (Christmas trees and cats, that is).

If your cat hasn’t knocked your tree over, torn it down, stripped decorations off of it, or climbed the tree, then you may already be a step ahead of the game. For everyone else, here are 20 ways to catt-proof your Christmas tree.


1. Let it hang

2. Just hangin’ out

3. Wow, how many had the idea to hang their tree?

4. Lock it up.

5. Cage it.


7. Hide it.

8. Wrap it.

9. Use a cactus.

10. …Or a stick

11. …Or half a tree

12. This cat looks up to the challenge.

13. Turn it into wall decor.

14. Use a photo of a tree.

15. Put it on top of the television.

16. Make a tree out of something else. And put it on the wall.

17. Tree on the move.

18. Decorate only half.

19. Learn to improvise.

20. Make your cat wear a Santa costume as punishment.

(via BoredPanda)

Hopefully you were able to get some ideas on how to keep your cat from destroying your Christmas tree this year. You may apply some of these tricks or better yet, think of something unique to keep your very curious pet at bay.