This Tribe In Indonesia Has The Most Bizarre Graveyards For Babies That You’ll Ever See

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There’s a remote village in Indonesia called Tana Toraja where the locals there are known for unusual burial rituals including one where corpses are apparently dressed up and paraded around town in an annual celebration. Another particularly unique ritual they have is for burying babies who’ve died.

Instead of cremating the babies’ corpses or burying them underground, they want the corpses to be “absorbed by nature”. To accomplish this, the corpses are wrapped in cloth, then placed inside partially hollowed out trees and sealed off with woven palm fibers.

The Toraja people in Indonesia have special funeral rites for their dead.

Adults are buried in tombs carved in the mountainside.

Meanwhile, babies are buried in “graves” in tree trunks.

The hollowed part of a giant trunk serves as their resting place.

The babies are wrapped in cloth before they’re put inside their “grave” which is then sealed with woven palm fibers.

According to them, this is a means for babies to be absorbed by nature.

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This burial ritual may sound strange to us, but for the Toraja people, it’s a distinct honor.