Unicorn Cafe In Bangkok Is A Plush Dream For Unicorn Lovers

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If you like unicorns, you really going to love this. Apparently, there is a café in Thailand elaborately devoted to all things unicorn-related, and these photos are enough to make any unicorn lover want to go.

Unicorn Café, as it’s aptly named, is filled with My Little Pony figurines, plush unicorns, and more. They also serve themed food items that go along with the decor, many of which are rainbow colored. See more in the awesome photos below!

Welcome to Bangkok’s Unicorn Cafe.


Instagram: @lynnalin / Via instagram.com

It is packed with unicorns and My Little Pony figurines, and features rainbow walls and ceilings.


Instagram: @jill_manuel / Via instagram.com

The cafe serves various themed foods including rainbow cake and rainbow pasta.


Instagram: @beeeaaan / Via instagram.com

Drinks and pastries are also available in different colors.


Instagram: @aprilwanderland / Via instagram.com

You can dine with a life-sized unicorn.


Instagram: @urtebudaite / Via instagram.com

You can even surround yourself entirely with unicorns if you wish.


Instagram: @marzannrose / Via instagram.com

(via BuzzFeed)

As far as we know, Unicorn Cafe is one of a kind. From plush unicorns to the splashes of colors on the walls and ceiling, this is a haven for anyone who loves unicorns.