They Wanted A Dog But Got A Lot More Than They Bargained For

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Not everybody wants to add dogs into their family especially if they have little children. These pets demand care and attention and adding them into your family entails extra responsibility. You have to feed, bathe, walk, and groom them and take them to the vet every now and then. This family from Long Beach, California decided on getting a dog to add to their family of five but they wanted a breed that gets along well with kids. What they got will surprise you.

Joshua and Bee Fisher wanted to expand their family.


They already have three little boys and wanted to have dogs in their family.

They researched about dog breeds and finally decided to get two Newfoundlands.


These dogs are known for being calm and loving but they can also grow up to six feet and weight up to 270 lbs.

They named them Ralphie and Boss.


Their children Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan enjoy having them around.

They’re very sweet and loving and don’t mind at all if the kids poke or lay all over them.


They’re the best babysitters in the world.

Boss and Ralphie are also local celebrities.


People would often approach the family and ask about their huge dogs.

But if there’s one downside, it has to be the drool.


They slobber on just about anything especially when they shake their heads. However, it’s worth it for this family.

( via LittleThings )

Boss and Ralphie are undoubtedly the coolest additions the Fisher’s could have found to expand their family. They’re gentle giants who serve as the kids’ companions, babysitters, and brothers.