The Whole Community Pulled Together To Make This Dying Boy’s Dream Come True

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There’s nothing more horrifying and depressing than finding out that a loved one, especially a child, only has a few weeks to live. Brian Ford was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia in November 2014. He underwent treatment including chemotherapy, but his doctors confirmed that his cancer returned in December 2015. Brian was given only a few weeks left to live. Aside from offering prayers, love, and support, this community gathered together to make this six year old boy, suffering from Acute Undifferentiated Leukemia, the chance to be a firefighter.

At six, Brian became the first honorary firefighter of Fredericktown Community Fire District.


More than 200 people witnessed the ceremony.

Despite it being difficult for him to show it, Brian was incredibly proud and happy.


He was given his own firefighter uniform as well as presents from local officials and sports teams.


He was presented his very own badge too.


Right after the ceremony, he had his first experience as a firefighter.


The Department set up a 15-foot structure resembling a house which they burned for the boy to put out with his fellow firefighters.

He even got a turn of holding the nozzle.


Despite the pain he’s going through, this boy had the time of his life by being a firefighter for a day. It was a dream come true.


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What Brian Ford has gone through in this life shows that he’s a little hero with a big, brave heart.