This Woman Renovated An Old Floor Using 13,000 Pennies And The Result Is Stunning

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Are you fond of hoarding pennies? Do you stash them in a jar or a bank, stashing them away for use someday far off in the future? A Portland, Oregon woman named Tonya Tooners recently found a much different use for her pennies.

Tooners is a do-it-yourself enthusiast who recently renovated a floor using over 13,000 pennies. It took $150 worth of them, but hey, that’s much cheaper than most traditional flooring materials! It took her a few months to complete the project, and the end result is quite impressive.

Tonya Tooners is a DIY enthusiast from Portland, Oregon.

 She decided to renovate a floor in her house using pennies.

She had no specific design in mind but started with diamonds.

She liked it, so she stayed with it. Soon the pattern started to take shape.

It took her months to complete.

Their dog, Trouble, delayed the process a few times by…defecating on the pennies.

It took three $50 bags worth of pennies from the bank.

The project also required wood filler, grout, epoxy, and 10 bottles of Elmer’s glue.

Here’s the finished product.

(via BoredPanda)

The project can be replicated on smaller objects, such as the surface of coffee tables or end tables, inside of drawers, etc. For more on this project, you can visit Tonya’s blog about it at mymodernmet.