This Woman’s Hiking Buddy Is ADORABLY Surprising

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Hiking is one of many great options for beating stress, having fun, and getting closer to mother nature. However, hiking alone can be a bit boring at times, and sometimes even dangerous.

One Imgur user went looking for some long-term company while in the outdoors, but she decided on an unexpected fluffy friend.

The young woman was looking for a hiking buddy.

She decided that her pet bunny, Sir Quincey Isenhopper, is the perfect companion.

Sir Quincey doesn’t mind wearing a harness because it means he’ll be spending time outdoors.

He loves hopping around and adventuring with his owner.

Together, they spend time watching beluga whales.

Hiking equipment includes Quincey’s food, bowl, and favorite toys.

Once, the fur ball even tried to steal his owner’s bed.

The pair finished a 30-mile hike, during which Quincey survived five eagle attacks.

(via BoredPanda)

While others prefer hiking with another human or dog, this young woman found joy in the company of her pet bunny. Sir Quincey is cuddly, cute, and never complains, making him the best hiking partner anyone could ask for!