You WON’T BELIEVE What Happened When This Young Woman Left College To Fight ISIS

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While most individuals steer clear of anything regarding ISIS and their extreme actions, one Kurdish-Dane woman decided to drop out of college in order to help fight against the terrorist group.

23-year-old Joanna Palani chose to be a soldier and fight against terror, despite the risks involved. Those risks are now a reality as Palani awaits trial. To make matters more frightening, she now has a $1 million bounty for her death ordered by ISIS.

This is Joanna Palani.

Barely into her twenties, Palani decided that joining the fight against extremists would be much more fulfilling than attending college.

Unfortunately, she is currently in prison awaiting trial.

Palani was imprisoned not for her activity against ISIS, but because she left Denmark during a 12-month travel ban.

The law prevented Danes from leaving the country.

Coincidentally, the law was actually placed in order to keep locals from trying to fight extremists.

Those who sympathize with ISIS have threatened Palani many times.

She was born in a refugee camp during the Gulf War.

She was granted asylum in Denmark as a child, where she stayed until 2014.

Palani says that she’s fighting for women’s rights and democracy.

Her trial started recently, but she hopes to be back in the field to fight for her cause soon.

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Regardless of the dangers involved, Palani doesn’t plan to stop fighting extremists. After the trial ends, she hopes her charges will be cleared so that she can once again be on the battlefield.