This Hairless Makeup Artist Inspires Those Fighting Cancer

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Those with cancer must undergo chemotherapy and similar treatments in order to combat their illness. During the process, many will lose their hair, and some may lose their self-confidence as a result.

Makeup artist Norman Freeman understands what it’s like to experience hair-loss and the insecurities that come with it. Today, he’s empowering those fighting similar diseases by giving them free makeovers and beauty tips. Freeman is giving them the opportunity to feel good about themselves once again.

Meet makeup artist Norman Freeman.

He developed alopecia at an early age.

He lost his hair and was bullied by others as a child.

He now uses his talent to inspire cancer patients in his hometown, Pittsburgh.

He gives patients free makeovers to make them feel better.

He easily relates to clients who have lost their hair.

He says that he doesn’t do this for fame, rather he really just wants to help others.

He wishes that he could positively impact more individuals each day.

He visits hospitals throughout Pittsburgh, offering his services to those of all ages.

(via 22Words)

Freeman’s talents and actions are a true inspiration to all of us. Whether he is speaking out against bullying, or offering makeovers to boost the spirits of those who are ill, Freeman is a pure symbol for the good in the world.