You Won’t Believe The List Of Rules This Girl Gave Her Boyfriend For His Vacation

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Some people tend to be extremely overprotective when in a relationship, especially when they can’t monitor their partner. The thought of your relationship partner going on vacation without you can be disturbing since distance can have a negative affect a relationship. When Kieran Lumsden of Edinburgh, Scotland, told his girlfriend, Whitney, that he’d be vacationing in Magaluf with his buddies, she immediately set to work creating a list of ground rules for him to follow while he was away from her.


Kieran was going on vacation to Magaluf without his girlfriend, Whitney.

In an effort to keep a short leash on him, she made this list.

It came with a fancy cover and handwritten “reminders”.

Kieran posted his girlfriend’s list of rules on Twitter, and it has earned 12000 likes and more than 5000 retweets.

(via Distractify)

Whitney sure knows how to crack the whip. We’re surprised she still has a boyfriend after being this possessive. Hopefully, Kieran will still be able to enjoy his vacation. Do you think he should have ended things with Whitney after this list, or is it appropriate?