This Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast Is A Walking Emoji

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Laurie Hernandez was a member of the “Final Five”, the Team USA gymnastics team who dominated at the Rio Olympics. At 16 years old, she’s one of the best gymnasts in the world. She won a silver medal for the women’s balance beam event and a team gold medal for the women’s team all-around event.

What many people may not know about Laurie, however, is that she’s also a living, breathing, walking emoji. If you read about the team meeting Zac Efron then you may have caught a glimpse of it, but not like this. Here she is imitating several popular emojis.

Walking Emoji? Here’s The Cheesing Smiley

Walking Emoji


The Winking Kiss

Walking Emoji


The Epic Blush

Walking Emoji


The Tongue-Out Wink



The Uncertain Side-Eyed Look

Walking Emoji


The Deep In Thought Look

Walking Emoji


The Shocked Look

Walking Emoji


The OMG Face



The “I’m Cool” Look

Walking Emoji


The Close-Eyed Smiley

Walking Emoji

(via buzzfeed)

These are so close, aren’t they? When she eventually finishes her gymnastics career perhaps she can take this act on the road and be a stand-up emojienne.