12 Pregnancy Facts That Are Almost Too Weird To Believe

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Pregnancy is one of the most exciting experiences in a woman’s life. This time period can be full of beautiful miracles, but one can’t help a little afraid about what may come. As a way to manage the fear, many women read prenatal books and surf the internet for advice.

There are those who cling to pregnancy myths, while some take a more scientific approach and attempt to really understand what’s going on with their body and the baby they carry. The list below may seem like myths, but they are actually very true facts about pregnancy.

1. Say hello to an uneven skin tone.

2. Feet can change pretty drastically in size.

3. It’s fairly normal for newborns to be born with a tooth.

4. The uterus is super flexible.

5. Unborn babies can feel, see, and hear things from inside the womb.

6. Although submerged in fluid, unborn babies can still cry.

7. Unborn babies can taste food.

8. Much like crying, babies can produce urine in the womb.

9. And don’t forget about number 2.

10. This strange fact will change how mothers look at amniotic fluid.

11. There are actually more instances of twins in Central Africa.

12. Motherly instincts can be surprising.

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Some of these facts may be weird, but they’re completely true. Some may even seem gross, but it is important to have the knowledge and accept that pregnancy brings  some peculiar changes to the body and the baby within.