14 Annoying Habits Women Have That Drive Men Away – You’re Probably Guilty of #7

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Women can be very protective when it comes to their men. It’s pretty common, especially for those who’ve been heartbroken before. Nothing can be more painful than having your partner cheat on you or break up with you after you’ve given him everything. This is why many women become overprotective or even paranoid in such a way that they don’t want their man to so much as look at another woman. However, such bad habits can ruin a relationship instead of making it stronger. Below you’ll find more of these habits that can ultimately end your relationship.

1. Being insecure and feeling you’re not good enough for your man, or worse, not trusting him simply because of your insecurities

When you’re constantly paranoid over where your partner is and what he’s doing, it’s unfair to your partner if he hasn’t doing anything to deserve your paranoia and/or lack of trust in him.

2. You tend to make a scene in public

If you disagree on something, there’s always a better place to discuss it than in front of other people (except for a counselor). You’ll both end up just making yourselves look bad if you argue publicly.

3. Constantly stealing food from his plate

It’s one thing to take a french fry or two, but when you order light in an effort to appear dainty then end up eating half of his meal, he’s not going to like it, especially if it happens repeatedly.

4. Being routinely late

He’ll understand when you were forced to stay late at work, but when you’re constantly late due to spending extensive time styling your hair and putting on makeup, he’s going to get annoyed very quickly, especially if you cause him to be late too. If it takes you that long then start earlier or plan dates and events for later in the day.

5. Letting competition come between you

A little healthy competition can be a great thing. When you let competitive drive get the better of you, however, and trying to beat him at everything becomes your focus instead of just enjoying his company, you risk driving him away.

6. Expecting too much from your man

It’s important to maintain healthy expectations both in the early stages of dating and once it has blossomed into a relationship. This is real life, and not a television show or movie. If he works a $30,000 a year job, don’t expect him to be able to spend hundreds of dollars a week wining and dining you. If your plan is to hold out for someone who is wealthy and can spoil you, perhaps you should look into why you feel entitled to such and what makes you so much better than all the other women out there. A lot of women who are waiting for Mr. Perfect to come along end up still single at age 35 or 40, yet they can’t seem to figure out why they’re single.

7. You can’t put your phone down

This is a big one. Statistics show that if you are on the first or second date, and you pick up your phone more than two times, the chance of there being another date is reduced by 62%. So unless you’re just completely uninterested in the guy, stop texting during dinner or movies, and stay off the phone in general until the date is over. Beyond the first couple of dates, it’s wise to continue the behavior of avoiding your phone during time spent together. It’s rude to pay as much attention to your cellphone as you do to your partner (just as it’s rude for him to pay as much attention to his Xbox or the cable box as he does to you).

8. Expecting him to read your mind

Are the you the type who’s always complaining that guys don’t get your hints and subtle clues? Have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps you’re just not good at giving hints and subtle clues? Don’t automatically assume that the problem is with him. Try just being straightforward and saying what’s on your mind instead of expecting him to just figure it out.

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