A 16 Year Old Girl Who Was Bullied Has Created An Amazing App To Help Others

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Natalie Hampton, 16, of Sherman Oaks, California used to have to sit through lunch alone when she was in the seventh grade. Bullies would harass her, and she was rather lonely. Unfortunately, this is a common theme among adolescents, despite nationwide anti-bullying campaigns.

Determined to help other lonely students, she recently created an app that helps kids make new friends and avoid the public humiliation and ridicule that comes with choosing to sit at the “wrong” lunch table. The app is called “Sit With Us” and facilitates creating “open lunch invites” for those who are looking for someone to sit with during lunch. It just launched 2 weeks ago, and kids began using immediately.

This is Natalie Hampton, a 16 year old who used to be bullied.

She used to have to sit by herself during lunch and was often publicly ridiculed.


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She recently created an app called “Sit With Us” in an effort to prevent other kids from having to suffer those same experiences.

This app allows students to privately find people to sit with during lunch.

This helps to prevent students from being publicly humiliated.

The app’s goal is for users to never have to eat alone.

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This app is an excellent idea and a great effort to prevent bullying in schools. Good for Natalie. We hope her app is wildly successful.