Bizarre Creatures Are Washing Up On The Coast Of California And No One Knows What They Are

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There are mysterious sea creatures being washed up onto California’s coast. Apparently no one knows just what they are, with some people saying they’re sea cucumbers or a vertebrate similar to jellyfish while others are calling them “alien eggs” or “baby tremor monsters”.

Many of them are dead, and the ones that are still alive slither around and bury themselves under the sand. Lifeguards are saying that strong tides related to El Niño are what’s washing them ashore, among other weird things that are happening such as a large influx of stingrays.

These mysterious sea creatures were found on the shore of Huntington Beach in California.

Lifeguards believe it’s because of El Nino.

Many were dead while those still alive slither or bury themselves in the sand.

Some grouped themselves and “wrote” messages on the sand.

According to the most popular theory, they’re sea salps which are similar to jellyfish.

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Whatever these creatures may be, people are hoping to find answers to their questions soon. It’s about time experts take a look into them and solve the mystery.