This Cat Reminds Us That Being Different Can Be A Good Thing

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Life is usually not easy for those who look different from everyone else, and the same is often true for animals. Animals who are in shelters and have not-so-normal features typically have the lowest chances of being adopted. Life can be rough for them, full of neglect, and often, short.

Monty was living in a Denmark animal shelter when a young man named Michael came across him. In addition to being born without a bridge in his nose, which makes his face look flat, Monty also has a chromosomal abnormality and a weak bladder which causes him to wet himself sometimes when sleeping. When Michael realized that no one wanted this unique cat, he decided to give Monty a home.

Nobody wanted to adopt Monty from a Denmark shelter because he was different.

His nose has no bridge, leaving his face flat, and he has bladder problem.

Michael was looking for a cat, and when he saw Monty, he decided to give the unique cat a home.

He knew Monty was different, and a bit of a special needs cat, but that didn’t deter Michael.

He posted photos of Monty online and soon, Monty became so famous that he now has his own calendar.

He has his own t-shirts and jewelry too.

Fortunately, Monty will never feel neglected again.

Check out Monty’s videos below.

(via ViralNova)

Who would’ve thought the cat nobody wanted would someday become popular? Monty and Michael seem to be the perfect match for pet and owner.