After Her Parents Gave Her This Surprising Treatment, This Little Girl’s Seizures STOPPED COMPLETELY

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It’s always very difficult for parents to watch their child in pain, unable to live a normal life. How can a child enjoy their youth when they are constantly suffering?

Charlotte Figi has a severe form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome, which has caused her as many as 300 seizures a week. Her parents tried everything the doctors recommended to help ease her suffering, but nothing they tried seemed to work. Charlotte had lost all ability to talk, walk, or even eat. Then Charlotte’s parents saw an online video about the medical marijuana treatment of a young boy that work wonders, and being in Colorado, a medical marijuana state, they decided to ask the doctors about the option. The doctors decided it was worth a shot so a marijuana oil with low THC and high CBC was prescribed for Charlotte (the THC causes the “high” while CBC is where the medicinal benefits are).

At 10 years of living with Dravet syndrome, Charlotte’s parents and doctors finally found a way to relieve her of seizures.



After having seen a video online of the successful treatment of children with medicinal marijuana, Charlotte’s parents decided to give it a shot. Despite the fact that only 39 patients of medicinal marijuana are under the age of 18, there is solid evidence showing the positive effects cannabis has when treating children.

With Charlotte no longer being able to eat, walk, or talk, they began treating her with a marijuana oil.



The oil contains low THC, the substance responsible for making one feel “high,” and high CBC, which is known for its medicinal properties.

Soon after, Charlotte’s seizures stopped entirely!

Having helped find such an incredible solution, the strain of marijuana earned it’s name from the girl–Charlotte’s Web.

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Medical marijuana had been tested and proven effective in treating many diseases. Although there is still quite a bit of controversy surrounding the treatment, medicinal marijuana has been legalized in 25 states and continues to make its way across America.