This Flower Has A Horrible Scent, And Yet People Can’t Wait For It To Bloom

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When people think about flowers, they usually imagine those with colorful soft petals and fragrant smell like roses. But did you know that there are flowers which look very attractive on the outside, and yet they produce a scent that is a huge turn off? Some have an aroma that drives people away.

A good example is the corpse flower. The name itself gives you a hint to just how terribly disgusting this flower smells, especially when it’s in bloom. Despite this fact, many are still curious about it, and are anticipating its bloom. That’s because it takes years for the corpse flower to bloom.

This is the corpse flower which originates from Sumatra.

They’re known for their atrocious odor, but it actually serves a purpose. It attracts flies and beetles, and this aids the pollination process.

It’s difficult to predict when it will bloom. Some take 10 years or more to bloom.

So seeing one in bloom is a rare opportunity.

The New York Botanical Garden has one, and they’ve been waiting for more than a decade for it to bloom.

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The corpse flower is famous for its scent, but it’s also a very rare species. Many people are fascinated by it, understandably so.