This Little Girl On Her First Day Of School Mirrors Adult Life In Such A Funny Way

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Some kids dread going back to school after their summer break, while some begin looking forward to the first day of school long before it arrives, and when the day comes, they’re filled with eager anticipation. It’s a memorable event, too. Kids will get to see their friends, many of whom they may not have seen over the summer, and new friends will be made. A lot of children these days have also taken to dressing up in one way or another for the first day of school.

Franky left her house dressed up, excited and ready for the first day of school. However, when she came home, well, it was a different picture, both literally and figuratively.

This is five-year-old Franky Meyer.


Kelly O’Brien

She’s a picture of a typical, eager 5 year old kid.

It was her first day in preschool, and she’d really looked forward to it. She was dressed up and ready to go.


Kelly O’Brien

But when she came home, she looked anything but happy and tidy.


Kelly O’Brien

Her mom and stepmother took photos before and after her first day in preschool. As she’s getting off the bus here, she looks like she’s had a rough day.

Her mom shared them on Reddit where they quickly became a hit as the comments came one after another.

After people noticed that Franky’s jacket and bow are missing in the picture of her leaving the bus, her mom pointed out that they were simply in Franky’s bag.

Her mom also mentioned that Franky said she actually had a wonderful first day at school.


Kelly O’Brien

Regarding the school bus photo, Franky’s mom said “the camera just happened to catch her face in the perfect expression”, and that Franky was actually quite happy.

(via BuzzFeed)

It’s funny how much Franky’s pictorial mirrors adult life. You leave home looking put-together, but upon arriving back home from work, many of us look stressed and dismayed. More often in adulthood, however, the struggle is real.