Paleontologists Discover The FIRST EVER Preserved Dinosaur Tail

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As paleontology digs have shown throughout recent history, dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years ago. Unfortunately for experts, dinosaur extinction occurred long before they were able to study them thoroughly. As a result, many paleontologists must rely only on discovered fossils to study these magnificent creatures.

In a story that sounds like fiction rather than fact, Lida Xing was collecting samples last year when she came across an incredible find: a dinosaur tail, fully preserved in amber! The tail is believed to be roughly 99 million-years-old and still has feathers intact.

Xing was gathering samples during a trip to Myanmar last year.

During her search, Xing found this tail preserved in amber.

Further studies show the appendage measures to 1.4 inches.


It is believed to belong to a young coelurosaur, a part of the theropod group.

Xing’s sample is believed to be 99 million-years-old.

This is the first time scientists have associated preserved feathers with a dinosaur.

This discovery has potential to lead experts towards a better understanding of dinosaurs.

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Although Xing’s discovery may seem a little terrifying thanks to films such as Jurassic Park, this preserved dinosaur tail can help paleontologists learn much more about dinosaurs.