Say Goodbye To Plastic Bottles And Say Hello To Edible Water Bubbles

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Did you know that roughly 35 billion water bottles are thrown away every year in the United States alone? Plastic water bottles are a hgue contributor to the whopping amount of garbage being collected daily, and stored in heaps in landfills all over the country. One of the reasons plastic bottles are still in use is simply because they are  convenient and cheap for both manufacturers and consumers.

Recently, a company called Ooho! discovered an incredible alternative to plastic bottles. Introducing: edible water bubbles!

Ooho! is a London-based company.

The water bubbles are made with a natural, tasteless seaweed extract.

People were skeptical about trying it but once they did, they actually liked it.

Skipping Rocks Lab is helping fundraise to make the bubbles available to the public.

(via ViralNova)

Hopefully, these edible water bubbles will someday completely replace the plastic bottles. The creation and public spread of the water bubbles will likely be a big step towards reducing the amount of plastics being thrown away every year. Thank you, Ooho!