A Service Dog Had His Caricature Drawn At Disneyland And It’s AWESOME

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So here’s a story that’s recently gone viral which combines two of (nearly) everyone’s favorite things: Disney and dogs! What’s not to love, right? Let’s be honest here. If someone doesn’t love at least one of the two, they need to get their life together.

This isn’t just any dog either. He’s a service dog in training. And he had his Caricature drawn at Disneyland. How could this story get any better? I guess perhaps if it included tacos, it could be better, but now we’re just arguing semantics. Did we mention the dog’s name is Yahoo? On second thought, maybe this is one story that even tacos couldn’t improve.

Parents of 26-year-old Katie went to Disneyland and sent this picture to her.

She thought it was cute, so she posted it to Twitter.

It received over 53k retweets and over 100k likes.