A Syrian Refugee In Canada – Who Doesn’t Speak English – Rescued This Wedding

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On a fairly recent Sunday in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, a bride-to-be named Jo Du experienced a bride’s nightmare. The zipper on her wedding dress broke only a few hours before she was scheduled to walk down the aisle.

A Syrian refugee, who had 28 years of experience as a tailor, and his family had moved into the house next door just four days prior. He didn’t speak any English, however. Read on to find out how the story unfolded.

Lindsay Coulter is a photographer in Ontario, Canada.

She was working a wedding when the zipper broke on the bride’s wedding gown.

Having noticed that the garage door was open next door, Coulter suggested someone ask the neighbor if they had pliers.

The bridesmaids tried fixing the broken zipper to no avail.

When the neighbor found out what they needed the pliers for, however, he had a much better solution. He’d just taken in a family of Syrian refugees four days earlier, the father of which was a master tailor. The tailor could not yet speak English, but with the help of Google translate, the problem was communicated to him.

He then happily grabbed his sewing kit and was able to sew the dress onto the bride.

The tailor said he was “so excited and happy” to be able to help the people in his new country.

Coulter posted the whole thing on Facebook where it went viral.

Facebook users commented on how proud they are of being Canadians.

The groom called it an “incredible act of kindness.”

The tailor, who’s name is Halil Dudu, was interviewed by CTV News and was quickly offered multiple jobs.

(via BuzzFeed)

Syrian refugees have been through a lot, and the bride and groom hope that this story will help others see the refugees in a more positive light.