This UK Woman’s Story Shows A TERRIFYING Danger That Comes With Wearing Contacts

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Wearing glasses can sometimes be a real hassle–they slide down the nose, fog up at the strangest times, and are easily scratched (not to mention easily broken). Luckily, contacts offer an easy alternative to wearing glasses!

Much like glasses, however, contacts have their downfalls too. One must remember to clean them, put them in every morning, and as this story shows, it is especially crucial to remember to take contacts out at the end of the day. This UK woman learned the hard way about what can happen when contacts are left in for a long period of time.

This is Meabh McHugh-Hill:

After realizing she’d been wearing her contacts for too long, she attempted to remove them.

A scene from every contact-wearer’s nightmare, the contact lens was fused to her eyeball!

While attempting to remove the lens, she tore her cornea.

Her left eye became red and the fluids began to coagulate, forcing her eye shut. Meanwhile, her right eye became very sensitive to light. As a result, she had to stay in the dark for five days, but she knew the effects could have been so much worse.

She tried using eye drops to ease the pain, but nothing helped.

Due to this blunder, McHugh-Hill will never be able to wear contacts again.

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Although she will have scarring on her eye for the rest of her life, McHugh-Hill’s experience reminds us of the dangers of wearing contacts beyond the recommended time limit. A message to all those who wear contacts: make sure to always stay cautious and pay close attention to the instructions given by an optometrist.