This Baby Born With A Defect Is A TRUE Miracle

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For expecting parents, one of the greatest fears is discovering that their unborn child may not be able to live a normal life. Many children around the world are born with defects, but doctors now have the ability to test for abnormalities while the child is still in the womb.

This is both a blessing and a curse, since now the parents may be told in advance that the baby may not survive the birth, so they then have to suffer the anxiety of waiting to see what happens. However, when Charlotte Youds and her husband found out that one of their twins had a defect, they didn’t give up hope.

Charlotte and her husband were expecting twins.

During a doctor’s visit, the couple found out one of their daughters was severely encephalitic.

Encephalocele is a rare condition that causes the brain to protrude through the skull cavity due to a neural tube defect.

The doctors did not expect her to live, but baby Aniyah is a fighter.

When the twins were born, Aniyah had only 10% percent of her brain and couldn’t breathe on her own.

She underwent surgery a day after she was born to remove the unusable brain matter.

Six days after surgery, her family was finally able to bring her home.

When doctors removed her ventilator though, Aniyah stopped breathing.

Unexpectedly, baby Aniyah began breathing again, and continued to breath by herself while at home. She even pulled out her own feeding tubes!

Here is baby Aniyah with her twin sister, Sophia.

Although Aniyah was born with a rare condition, she and Sophia seem to be doing quite well at home.

Aniyah has shown a love for music and is now four months old.

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Although the Youds don’t know how long baby Aniyah will live, the fact that she made it through birth is a miracle on its own. They sure have a strong little addition to their family.