Her Jaw Stopped Growing When She Was 8. After Surgery, Her Transformation Will Shock You

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Let’s face it. Looks matter. You want to look presentable and attractive in the eyes of others around you. This is especially true for kids and teenagers when the odd looking one gets picked on, harassed, and bullied. That’s why Ellie Jones decided to get braces when she was 14. However, that trip to her orthodontist began a sequence that would change her life – and her appearance – forever. You see, she needed more than just braces. Her jaw stopped growing when she was just eight years old, and she needed to undergo surgery to correct it. A few years and a couple of surgeries later, her transformation will shock you.

Ellie Jones was only 14 when she found out her jaw stopped growing when she was just eight years old.

Her trip to the orthodontist, Joy Hickman, revealed she needed more than just braces. Together with the help of her surgeon, Emma Woolley, she began her transformation at 16.

She couldn’t speak after the surgery and used only her notebook to communicate. She ate out of a syringe for several weeks and was on a soft diet for several months after that because biting and chewing her food was painful.

A year later, she underwent a second surgery to reshape her chin.

She spent a full year in pain after the surgeries.

But the pain was worth it to undergo such a dramatic transformation.

She’s much happier and a lot more confident now.

Her transformation is nothing short of amazing.

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Ellie underwent two surgeries and spent a year fighting the pain, but she never regretted her decision. Looking at her now, one can say she made the right choice. Her transformation is inspirational.