These Supposedly Healthy Foods Aren’t Exactly What They Claim To Be

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When it comes to “health food”, fruits, vegetables, and just about anything whole grain and all-natural make the list. But before you start loading up on these so-called healthy foods, you may want to rethink your options. Not all of them are as healthy as we’ve been led to believe. Some of them do more harm to the body than good and should be avoided if you want to live longer.



Peas belong to the list of foods that have a high glycemic index. They can cause weight gain and even acne. And let’s be honest here. If you have normal taste buds, peas taste like little green failure pellets.



Margarine contains hydrogenated oils which turn into trans fats at room temperature.

Dried fruits


Dried fruits are favorite snacks of many health nuts. Unfortunately, they are very high in sugar and preservatives. In fact, actual candy wouldn’t be much worse you, and it would certainly taste better.



They’re not exactly loaded with nutrients that will keep you going. They’re really not loaded with much of anything. You have to eat roughly, oh I don’t know, a metric ton of the stuff to make much difference.

Bell peppers


These colorful veggies contain solanine, which can cause inflammation which can eventually lead to diabetes and heart disease.

Whole grain bread


The legitimate whole grain breads are fine, but did you know that many of them are impostors? Fake whole grain breads are actually nothing more than dyed versions of white bread. A lot of them also contain hydrogenated oils and added sugars.

Coconut and almond milk in cartons


These alternative (to dairy) milk products go through processes when being put in cartons that include the use of the carcinogen known as carrageenan and often include the addition of artificial vitamins such as vitamin D2 which has been connected to brittle bones and even birth defects.



Some plain yogurts are safe, but most yogurt options aren’t healthy because they are loaded with sugar. Why eat a sugary yogurt when you could just eat a Snickers bar? Check the sugar content next time you’re about to add yogurt to your cart at the grocery store and find one that’s got little or no sugar if you want to reap the health benefits of this snack without negative consequences.

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Just when you thought you’re eating the right foods, many of them are actually ruining your diet and overall health and wellness. Adulting can be so confusing sometimes.