This Unique Panda Has Become An International Celebrity

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Pandas are known for being large, fluffy, and adorable! They were considered critically endangered not long ago, but thanks to the efforts of wildlife preservation organizations, their numbers are on the rise.

Pandas are typically black and white in color, but genetic mutations are present in almost all species on Earth. Seven-year-old Qizai, however, is the only brown panda in the whole world! His uniqueness caused him to be a bit isolated from others of his kind. Despite this, he was able to find real happiness and became an instant celebrity.

Qizai was only two months old when he was abandoned.

He was bullied by other pandas.

Being motherless caused a tough childhood.

 Qizai is now seven-years-old and is happier than he’s ever been.

Being the only brown panda in the world, Qizai is a huge celebrity.

Qizai has his own caretaker in the Foping Panda Valley.

Qizai weighs 220 pounds.

Although he is slower than other pandas, he loves exercising.

He also enjoys long days of resting.

Qizai eats up to 44 pounds of bamboo every day.

His brown fur is a mystery, but scientists say it may come from his genetics.

Foping Panda Valley is part of Foping National Nature Reserve in China.



(via BoredPanda)

Once abandoned by his kind for his unique color, Qizai is now making a big impression on the world. This adorable panda is truly an inspiration to many as he breaks free from the sadness of his difficult upbringing.